Desert Winds

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, Edn 4 - project

ISBN 978-0-9575385-2-8. Size 221 x 170 mm.

Possible specification: Page count probably c.530. Monochrome photographs, likely 500. Lline drawings, c.75, Softback. Index.

Principal author: Tom Sheppard, MBE, with well-known specialist contributors.

Previous edition - VDEG.3

Author/publisher’s Note:

This book – Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide – known to all by now as simply ‘V-DEG’ – seems to have a life of its own. When Land Rover asked me to do the first edition, years ago, all I did was recollect, research, trawl, write, illustrate, design and publish it over a three year period. Then, like Mickey Mouse’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice in that famous Disney animation, the book just kept going.

How niche can a book get? After the first couple of editions I felt that everyone who wanted a copy must surely have one by now.

But such is the appeal of the great outdoors – the urge to explore, the joy of breaking free of the day-to-day grind in your very own capable 4x4 capsule – that there seemed almost to be no limit to the numbers wanting to get out there. And read about planning their trip.

This is now the seventh iteration (I think, including reprints) and, practising what I preach, I’m getting to know what I still don’t know. I’m happy to admit it and do something about it. There are seldom conflicting views on serious expedition planning; almost invariably the knowledge is additive. I’ve been supremely lucky to find a couple of people who can extend the book’s coverage in areas where they have experience that I have so far missed out on.

It’s looking like VDEG.4 is going to happen – with luck before the summer. Still smarting from trying to keep the price down on Edn 3, this time the cover-tab will have to go up some to address print and admin costs. My thanks to those who have expressed interest in VDEG.4 already.

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