Desert Winds

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, Edn 3


ISBN 978-0-9575385-0-4, 502pp, 221x170mm
Softback, monochrome images and line drawings

Author: Tom Sheppard. MBE

A book to implement the new-millennium spirit of adventure and the unquenchable thirst for overland travel. The capability of modern 4x4s, the availability of satellite communications, navigation and images widens the scope for modern voyages of discovery.

A massive, 502 page distillation of 40 years' experience and recent research. Detailed and thorough in its approach to all aspects of vehicle-based expeditions. Signposting within the book ensures easy access to just the information required. Headings, tables, line drawings and page side-note summaries together with copious photography give the overview when needed.

Clothing, equipment, vehicles, vehicle modifications, loading and lashing are covered; plus water filtration, shipping, fuels and oils, communications and comprehensive coverage of maps, navigation and driving.

EDITION 3 – a major revision and update of the sell-out Edition 2.2. Focused demand for this book since the 2nd Edition sold out drove used-copy prices to absurd levels. High prices do not mean volume demand so the print-run has perforce been small and thus expensive. The cost, for this edition, however, has been held at that of the previous book despite considerably increased print costs.